E.J. Smyth

Writer of Gay Romance

Meet E.J. Smyth, my m/m alter-ego!

Sometimes I like to indulge a guilty pleasure–gay erotica with heart. There are some amazing authors out there, Josh Lanyon, Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux, Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths, N.R. Walker and on and on.  I’ll try to review books as I go along but right now I devour well-written mysteries and thrillers with two romantic male heroes faster than I can review. It’s a great pity that the m/m genre as a whole is not better known. I have found better plotting, characterization and tension in these stories than in many mainstream thrillers and romances.

So when writing full-length novels gets too tedious, I knock out a few shorter works. I won’t write as Ella J. Smyth in order not to confuse readers. E.J. Smtyh writes explicit, 18+ romance stories involving gay characters, boy-on-boy loving and sexy times. Be warned, don’t read if that’s not your cup of tea!

“Keith is Awesome”, a Gay Erotic Story of Sexual Awakening

Currently I’m working on a series about Keith, a not quite 18-year-old struggling with his sexuality. The first story is nearly done and the second will be done SOON. Keith is awesome, hence the name of the series. The stories are hot as the sun, and I adore Keith. He’s still in Highschool and is curious as anything to find out if he’s gay or not. Good thing his best friend is keen to help him experiment… Or is it?