Have you ever tried OpenOffice? Why not?

OpenOfficeSo I’ve decided I have had it up to the gills with Microsoft Office!

Let me explain – I worked in an office for many years and used MS Office like most people do. I received some great training and turned into the local word processing and Excel wiz. All lovely, except then I had a baby and another, and decided to stay at home and build another career.

Best decision ever, except I really couldn’t afford MS Office after a while. The personal license was fine but eventually I was forced to upgrade for business use, and honestly, $399.99 per year is not something I can afford. Add this to the atrocious interface change that happened quite a few years ago now, and I was on the net, researching alternatives. 

Enter OpenOffice!

I found Open Office. I was a little suspicious of it, given that it is free, but soon fell in love with it. It has the same familiar interface like the old MS Office and did I mention, it’s free?

The learning curve was alright although there are tips and tricks to get the most out of the software. After using it for a few years now, I have to say that it matches MS Office in functionality. And it’s free. For business and private use. To be copied, developed, played with. 

Why aren’t YOU using it?

So question to you: do you use OpenOffice? If not, have you ever looked at it? What’s stopping you from using it? I’ve created a little questionnaire to find out what issues people have with the software. What would you like to be able to do with it but have never managed to figure it out by yourself? Please fill out the questionnaire and let me know – there is a lot of knowledge swirling around in my head and I’m sure I can help a few people 🙂