FanFiction vs. Source Material

Derek Hale

So this is what usually happens: I watch a show like TeenWolf, then totally fall in love with a character such as Derek Hale, werewolf supreme. Then things happen. The story becomes flat or doesn’t develop the way I want it to. Or maybe I just would like to find out more about the backstory of the character. Anyway, that is usually my trigger to visit FanFiction.

And now the character becomes 3-dimensional and so much more interesting than in the original TV version. In my world, Derek Hale is Alpha and gets together with Stiles Stilinski, Spark extraordinaire. The stories have everything: very often amazing writing, they’re sexy, witty, exciting and some are novel-sized with 100k words and more.

And if I have trouble imagining the characters, sites like DeviantArt help me visualize, because some of the fanart is mind-blowing.

I particularly like the idea of Stiles being a weak human who runs with wolves. His relationship with Derek is very fractious at the beginning. Derek has been hurt terribly in his life and he won’t let anybody close to him because of his traumatic experiences. Stiles is this annoying teenager that never shuts up. He’s also human and therefore prone to injuries and in danger of getting killed by out-of-control wolves.

Over the years, the two of them gain understanding of each other. Derek learns to trust Stiles and Stiles grows up. Plus he gains magical powers. Which is really really cool 🙂

Stiles is an integral part of the pack and his humanity allows him to do things the wolves can’t, even though they’re are outwardly stronger and faster.

Are you telling me

And the best thing is how he learns to stand up to Derek. Stiles goes from an obnoxious teenager with only one friend to a self-confident member of the pack who has no problems setting his Alpha straight.


In my head, Derek and Stiles are together and fighting side by side to keep Beacon Hill safe. As it should be. Oh yes, and nobody dies! Scott and Allison are together (with Isaac), Boyd and Erica are fine, Danny and Ethan are happy! So there 🙂