My First Goodreads Review!

Just posted my first review on Goodreads. Wow, what a playground for readers and writers! I have to say that reading has become a lot more difficult in 2015 because there is just soooo much going on. Still, I can always pretend it’s research as I dig into so many writers’ books that I didn’t even know existed (Hi, Laurell K. Hamilton)!

BearthleteBearthlete by Terry Bolryder

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Good points first: not boring, good pace, grammar and spelling perfect. Story is sweet as well.

However. This was my first book in this genre and I really didn’t like it. The characters were just so one-dimensional. And as an overweight woman myself, I really resent this idea that fate/destiny/my scent makes a guy love me. Not my personality, not my spark, not my character. It’s just an easy way out and so escapist, that it broke through my reading cocoon. I just couldn’t follow the premise that no guy ever looked at this gorgeous woman until a shifter came along.

The sex scenes were okay – personally I like them a little steamier, although kudos to any author who writes them. I get way to embarrassed in my own writing 🙂

To conclude: I finished the book, the writing is good enough to have kept me engaged for most of the story, but the characterisation wasn’t great. I probably won’t read anymore of this author, sorry.

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