Rest well, Terry Pratchett

The Colour of Magic

Sir Terry Pratchett passed away yesterday. I hadn’t realised how sick he’s been and I was so shocked to hear the news. Somehow this author had become a part of my life since “The Colour of Magic”. I remember buying as many of his books as I could afford in the 90s and reading them until they fell apart. “Witches Abroad” (a McBeth parody) I loved so much, I kept giving it as presents to friends.


There are so many many characters that made his work unique. The Orang-Utan librarian who would hit anybody who called him a monkey, Rincewind the cowardly wizard, the witches who practiced a mix of actual magic and common sense, the Oh God of Hangovers who never got drunk but always woke up with a hangover, Teatime the assassin who tried to kill Santa Claus, Death who tries so hard to understand the mortal world. There are so many many more, it just beggars believe that all this came from the mind of one man.

His coat of arms reads: “Noli Timere Messorem (Don’t fear the reaper)” and what better words to end an amazing life.

Rest well, we’ll miss you so very much.