Witches Abroad by Terry Prachett


Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

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witches-abroad-2The story

Be careful what you wish for…

Once upon a time there was a fairy godmother named Desiderata who had a good heart, a wise head, and poor planning skills—which unfortunately left the Princess Emberella in the care of her other (not quite so good and wise) godmother when DEATH came for Desiderata. So now it’s up to Magrat Garlick, Granny Weatherwax, and Nanny Ogg to hop on broomsticks and make for far-distant Genua to ensure the servant girl doesn’t marry the Prince.

But the road to Genua is bumpy, and along the way the trio of witches encounters the occasional vampire, werewolf, and falling house (well this is a fairy tale, after all). The trouble really begins once these reluctant foster-godmothers arrive in Genua and must outwit their power-hungry counterpart who’ll stop at nothing to achieve a proper “happy ending”—even if it means destroying a kingdom.

My take on it

A true classic by a writing genius. Terry Pratchett was taken from us far too soon. This book is based on Shakespeare’s MacBeth except the witches have the main role. Meet some of the most kickass, eccentric old ladies (and a younger one) you’ll ever encounter!

Written in Terry’s typical rambling yet never boring style, I have read and re-read this particular book over and over again for the last 20 years.

Imaginative, exciting story-telling pulls you into the magical world of the Discworld, carried on the back of the Great A’Tuin the World Turtle. Need I say more? Go and read it, it’ll grip you and will never let you go!

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